Pepper Your Talk: ‘I HAVE A DREAM’

Join us on Thursday 9th February for the 4th and final part of the ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ fashion and career workshop.

We kicked off the year with an article (read it here) on our site about the career girl’s journey being far from straight, short or simple! (A bit like your ex-boyfriend LOL). Have you looked back on your journey and connected the dots, identified your passion or planned a BIG leap of faith for this year? Well, this workshop is just what you need to kick off 2017 in the best way possible, even if it is already February.

The Pepper Your Talk workshops will inspire you to take ACTION on the steps needed to see you through to your goals. Meet other fashion creatives, get interactive, work on your specific needs, build your knowledge of yourself and industry – BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE!

– Part 1: ‘It starts with a dream’

– Part 2: ‘The Plan’

– Part 3: ‘Your Vision’

– Part 4: ‘The Dreamers’ (FINALE)