I tried 5 confidence life hacks and rated them


I tried 5 confidence life hacks and rated them

confidence life hacks


At PYT, we’re huge advocates of living our best lives and the daily commitment to becoming our best selves. We also know for sure that without confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, it becomes near impossible to fulfil our life’s purpose. While there’s no quick confidence hack that will instantly change your life (If you find one, let me know!!) a couple done repeatedly and consistently over time can create a compound effect and result in you soon being able to achieve your biggest goals. They’re also great if you need a quick confidence boost before an important meeting or a date! 

So I decided to test five quick and easy confidence life hacks that you can easily fit into your morning routine and let you know which ones I think are worth the while. 



Life hack one: Power poses

This confidence hack is probably the most old-fashioned out of the bunch, but I figured that the 50 million+ people who watched Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk must be onto something… right? (If you haven’t seen the video, it’s linked below) 

I decided to take on the classic ‘wonder woman’ pose before I started work, which consists of placing both of my hands on my hips and channeling my inner Queen Bey in the Single Ladies video – which let’s be honest, we could all do more often. Standing in front of the mirror, I set a timer for 2 minutes and performed my power pose along with some deep breathing throughout. 

Verdict: 4/10

I didn’t notice any major changes in my confidence levels straight after (other than feeling a little conscious that my neighbours may have seen me through the window). However, I think this could be a great technique to try just before you’re about to head into an important meeting or go on a first date to really feel a positive change.



Life Hack Two: ‘Imagine your most confident self’

Back in June, I joined in on Pepper Your Talk’s virtual Vision Board workshop in which one of the exercises was ‘Scripting’. We imagined a day in the near future and wrote a diary entry as if all our dreams had come true. This journaling prompt felt so powerful that I instead decided to write down who I envision my most confident self to be.

This life hack reminded me of a quote that was on my Yogi Tea the other week, which said ‘The other person is you’. It took me a minute to take in what this really meant, but ultimately it means that the other person we wish we could be, the one is who is more confident, attractive and productive, is US. Our most confident and self-assured self is already within us, we just need to let them out!

Verdict: 7/10

Although this hack took me the longest out of them all (30 minutes) I instantly felt inspired and more confident about my future. Take an evening this week to do this exercise and let me know on Instagram how you feel afterward!



Life hack three: Morning gratitude

As huge fans of entrepreneurs Mimi and Alex Ikonn, I’ve been eyeing up the Five Minute Journal for a long time. In the spirit of this week’s challenge, I decided to finally take the plunge and order the book, giving in to the fact that you just can’t beat putting pen to paper. 

Filling out the morning pages – which include: Three things I’m grateful for, three things that would make today amazing and three affirmations – took up all but three minutes of my morning and I instantly felt like I started the day with a clearer head. 

In the evening, I went back and filled out the night time section with the things that made my day amazing. I wrote about the smell of my morning coffee, ringing my mum at lunch, and watching a great new movie on Netflix. After all, it really is the small things in life that make us happy.

confidence life hacks

Verdict: 9/10

I’m so glad that I took the plunge and bought this book! I’ll definitely be keeping up this practice for the next 6 months (this is how many daily pages there are.) Taking the time for myself in the morning and evening has made me feel a lot happier and thus, boosted my self-esteem and confidence. Remember, we can choose to see the greatness in ourselves and each day!



Life hack three: Change your password 

I was immediately drawn to this hack as it’s a super simple and easy way of getting in your affirmations every day without having to change your daily routines.

Of course, I don’t advise changing all the passwords for important logins, so just the log in to your laptop will do the trick. Some examples of what you could say include ‘I believe in myself’ or ‘I trust myself’ and voila! It’s a great way to incorporate your daily affirmations into your working day.

Verdict: 5/10

This was definitely the quick, confidence life hack I was hoping to find. If you need some ideas of affirmations to use, then make sure you’re following Pepper Your Talk on Instagram for monthly affirmations on Instagram stories. 



Life hack five: Dress up for the day

I had a friend at college who did ‘dress-up Fridays,’ whereby she would wear an outfit that made her feel good at the end of every week. Although I didn’t do it myself at the time, I loved the romanticism around picking a day of the week in which you show up as your best self. 

Since working from home, I’ve lost the art of getting dressed in the morning. But after feeling like I was getting into a bit of a slump – and subsequently writing the article on easy ways to update your wfh looks – I was looking forward to committing myself to dress up and seeing how it would affect my confidence.

So for Friday’s look, I kept it relatively simple, wearing my stretchiest pair of black straight-leg jeans (comfort is key) and my new leather blazer from Zara, featuring power 80s shoulders that make me feel like a B-O-S-S.

confidence life hacks


Verdict: 8/10

The science behind looking good and feeling good is undeniably true! Wear whatever makes YOU feel your most confident self and see how your feel-good energy will overflow across the rest of your day. From now on, dress-up Fridays are my new thing. Are you joining me?


Will you be trying any of these confidence life hacks for yourself? If there’s one key learning I want you to take away from this, it’s that the other person is YOU! You can be the confident person you envision to be as the potential already resides within you. Start making some small changes to your daily routine and see your confidence begin to soar! 


Words by Heather Ibberson


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