5 Networking Tips That Actually Work


5 Networking Tips That Actually Work

Networking Moods: This is FUN or I feel like a prick!
5 Networking Tips That Actually Work
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This pin perfectly sums up the two main networking moods: This is FUN or I feel like a ‘prick’!

If I told you that by following a few secret and simple rules, you could:

  • Be in a position to make money forever
  • Increase your chances of life-long career stability
  • Create opportunities to work anywhere in the world

…I’m sure you’d jump at the chance – I certainly would!

But if I also told you that this will only be achieved by networking, which is no secret at all, would you still be as eager for the opportunity? Probably not! Why? Because networking is awkward, feels a bit fake and isn’t something anyone gets terribly excited about. It is what it says on the tin: (net)WORK. HardBLOODYwork at that!

As the PYT founder aka ‘Pepper’s Mum’ and ‘A serious networker’, I wrote an article about my networking experiences, breaking them down into top 5 tips on one of my fashion gal’s blogs – ‘Melissa’s Wardrobe’.

Check it out and let me know know you’re getting on with making industry connections. No matter how hard it feels, worry not, I have been through it all and survived to tell the tale.



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