Workwear: 5 Pieces That You Can Repeat In The Office

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Workwear: 5 Pieces That You Can Repeat In The Office

Save time, money and stress


Working in the fashion industry gives you the freedom to show your personality through clothing, daily.

The pressure to keep up with trends and constantly update your work wardrobe can become expensive and tiresome!

As the newbie in the team, you want your outfit choices to impress! The idea of repeating looks may seem like a big NO NO in a fashion office, putting an added pressure on your mind and bank balance.

The trick is to build a staple wardrobe. Investing in your workwear and buying key quality pieces will elevate your personal style and minimise your outfit induced stress (yes, that’s actually a thing). Not only will this cut down the time you spend thinking out outfits in the morning, but you’ll be able to separate work clothes from weekend-wear.

A trench coat

A trench coat may look boring on a hanger but once it’s on you’ll feel professional and ready to tackle a day at work. The ultimate investment piece is a classic Burberry trench coat. But as an entry-level employee, it’s okay to save towards such a big purchase and consider some alternatives for now.

Trench coats can be found all year round in our high street favourites such as Mango and Zara, ranging in length and colour. Although they are known for being quite thin, pimp yours up with a removable inner-fleece for when the weather isn’t so great.

TOP TIP: Opt for a neutral tone for longevity and the ultimate workwear staple. Stone, Black and Navy always do the trick!


Workwear Struggle 101: “I don’t want to wear heels in the office every day, but can’t find cute flats and trainers aren’t my thing.”

Loafers are a great alternative! They are incredibly comfortable and if you invest in the right pair they’ll last for years. If your daily home-work-home journey involves running for buses and standing on busy trains, a good sturdy shoe is exactly what you need. They are a great addition to many outfits, being versatile enough to wear with skirts, trousers and dresses.

TOP TIP: Are you unsure of how you’d style your pair? Well everyone has gone loafer-crazy in the iconic Gucci pair! Steal some style tips by having a look at your favourite bloggers on instagram.

White Shirt

Never underestimate the power of a crisp white shirt. There’s got to be a reason why Karl Lagerfeld wears one every day! They are immensely flattering and are available in a variety of cuts and designs to suit your figure. A white shirt is also great if you want to feel smart without wearing a full suit. Yet, for a more casual look, an oversized white shirt with a few buttons open, paired with denim is an instant win when you’re picking an outfit in a rush. (a.k.a every Monday morning).

Good fitting trousers

As cliché as it sounds, there is no better feeling than looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in a good pair of trousers. It may take a while to find the dream pair but when you do, you’ll be tempted to throw it on with everything! Thanks to all the Scandi girls for their inspo, we’re pairing our trousers with heels, loafers and trainers – talk about an all-in-one!

TOP TIP: Struggling to find the ‘perfect’ pair but have some trousers that are a mere 8/10. Take your trousers to a good tailor and get them tapered to perfection!

A red lipstick

A red lipstick can complement your face as well as your outfit. Especially if you’re in a rush but still want to look and feel great. Cut down on your makeup routine by throwing on a red lip and everyone will think you’ve made an effort.

We believe that everyone has a red lipstick that suits them, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade. Although lipstick isn’t clothing, having staple colours that you wear to work will also make getting ready in the morning easier.


Trust me, there is enough stress to go around in a fashion office, so don’t let your workwear be another one on your list. Create an everyday look that makes you happy and in the words of John Galliano, “The joy of dressing is an art.” Now go and get artistic.


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