9 Of The Best Fashion Podcasts For The Morning Commute


9 Of The Best Fashion Podcasts For The Morning Commute

Headphones at the ready.


There is no doubt that podcasts are quickly becoming the new blogs. Journalists, celebrities and bloggers are all trying their hand at podcasting with wild success. They are easily accessed, consumed and give a tonne of new information/knowledge. When I used to do the 45 minute morning commute to work myself, I popped in my earphones and lost myself in the best fashion podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to make the most of your morning commute to work. A great one will inspire, update and amuse. Here are my top nine recommendations:


1. ‘The High Low’ by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton

I always looked forward to my Thursday commute knowing that I’d have a new High Low episode to listen to. Two of my favourite journalists, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, teamed up to create weekly pop-culture podcast covering the trivial to the political. Although the blonde duo isn’t keen on placing their podcast within the fashion sector, this is without a doubt a show that all fashion enthusiasts will love.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: The Rachel Divide; & Dissecting The Met Gala – a humorous yet thoughtful dissection of fashion’s biggest night out.


2. ‘#Lipstories’ by Girlboss Media

Girlboss Media already has a hit podcast called Girlboss radio with founder Sophia Amoruso and their new offering follows the journeys of influential female founders, creators and thought leaders. Certainly, one to inspire anyone looking to build their own business to be the #girlboss of their own life.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Pia Arrobio –  a funny and frank look at how Pia went from working at Zara to having her own line with Revolve! One for the entrepreneurial minded. 


3. ‘Fashion No Filter’ by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley

Witty and frank discussions on hot topics such as feminism and sustainability. A pair of Parisian fashion journalists gives listeners a peek into how the fashion industry operates. Episodes venture into a range of areas, including interviews with designers and model muses as well as an ‘Avo on Toast’ segment. Episodes aren’t regular but are all about an hour long, enough time for the detective duo to uncover some juicy fashion stories.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Street Style Secrets  – Interviews with top photographers Scott Schuman and Sandra Semburg. Ideal for anyone fascinated by the peacocking fashionistas. 


4. ‘Fashion Unzipped’ by The Telegraph

A new favourite of mine, not least because Emily Cronin’s voice is sooo soothing. Reason enough to make a list of the best fashion podcasts. The Telegraph fashion team sits down to discuss the biggest stories of that week from the royal wedding to fashion week roundups. An easy and fun listen by journalists who have a deep awareness of the fashion industry. It definitely makes me want to be a part of the Telegraph fashion team!

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: A royally good wedding special  – a breakdown of THAT Givenchy dress and historical references that only a fashion-obsessed journo could produce.


5. ‘Office Hours’ by College Fashionista

Founder Amy Levin sits down with inspirational professionals in the industry to offer some intelligent advice and motivation from professionals in the industry. Office Hours is primarily aimed at American college students but this podcast has served me much-needed motivation and helpful tips. The best fashion podcasts for students and graduates seeking practical advice to navigate the working world

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Alyssa Coscarelli of Refinery29 on How to Advance in the Fashion Industry – practical advice for budding writers and editors looking to get their career off the ground. 


6. ‘The BOF Podcast’ by The Business of Fashion

You’re probably familiar with The Business of Fashion website, but did you know they also have a podcast? Find the audio from their BoF Voices talks and also exclusive industry interviews in their ‘Inside Fashion’ series. A must for anyone working in marketing and PR who wants to learn about strategy and, well, the business of fashion.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Inside the Magic and Math of Digital Marketing | Inside Fashion – a look at how to ‘break the internet’. Great for any young creative looking to make it in marketing. 


7. ‘The Glossy Podcast’ by Glossy

Another popular website for all industry professionals that have also launched a podcast. The Glossy Podcast discusses the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industry with the people enacting the revolution. One of the best fashion podcasts for anyone in marketing and merchandising strategy. This podcast will keep you abreast of key changes and the newest ideas in e-commerce.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Porter editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans: ‘Content and commerce coming together just makes sense’  a really informative listen on how fashion media is evolving, as well as the strategies behind one of the biggest e-commerce fashion website. 


8. Blamo! by Jeremy Kirkland

Menswear veteran Jeremy Kirkland sits down with a new guest each week to discuss their fashion journey and outlook on the future. Jeremy primarily interviews his male friends and focuses on menswear. The scene is set to have an exciting resurgence in 2018 with recent key changes. So this series of interviews with stylists, writers and founders is the perfect source to brush up your menswear knowledge.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Tommy Ton a fascinating account of the birth of the street style phenomenon and the story of Tommy’s lucky break. 


9. ‘Unstyled’ by Refinery29

A great podcast from another one of our favourite websites, Refinery29. Global editor-in-chief and co-founder Christene Barberich interviews various women in fashion to discuss their experiences through work, life and love – all brought together through style and the things we wear. Unstyled is a sneak peek into the lives of women claiming their destiny in the workplace. My favourites include Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s (Rodarte) foray into film and the unusual journey of Laure Brown to Editor-in-Chief at InStyle.

RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Alexa Chung on the very stylish life of the ultimate outsider-insider – delves into the life of fashions ultimate ‘it girl’ and her reasons for starting her own line.


Make a note of the podcasts that tickle your fancy and multipurpose your commute. Hopefully, this list of the best fashion podcasts will imbue you with new ideas before your reach the desk. You may even find yourself having a good chuckle on the tube!

Make sure to share your own best fashion podcasts with us and your fellow PYT community by leaving a comment below!


Words by Heather Ibberson


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