The Best Fashion Articles To Read Today


The Best Fashion Articles To Read Today

Fashion and Feminism! It's not just a buzzword...

‘Fashion and Feminism’ always felt like a buzz term that was being used for the hell of it.

Now, that’s all changed for me! 

Like most of you, I am constantly on the hunt for quality films, series or documentaries to watch on Netflix. So stumbling upon ‘Daughters of Destiny’ was honestly the best thing to have happened to me this week. I don’t want to spoil it too much for any of you, but I’ve walked away with a new understanding of feminism! My mind has been changed forever and I’m determined to champion female equality with a new enthusiasm.

So much so, that I’ve plucked some must-read articles on fashion and feminism for this weeks round-up and mixed that in with general fashion news from the week. Enjoy!


As you know, we’ve launched fashion’s first members club for junior talent. Yet one of my favourite brands and namesake has gone one step further with mentorship for University students. Reading about this initiative truly touched my heart – 10 more points for Dior, fashion and femi!

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Is your Mum a feminist?

I have a question for you – Have you ever spoken to your Mum, Aunt, God-Mother about feminism? “69 percent of British teen girls would describe themselves as a feminist.” Yet, the statistics are shockingly lower for adult women over

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The Spice Girl Movie is coming BACK to the cinema!

OMG – On Jan 28th I would have been 20 WHOLE YEARS since the Spice Girls movie came out (Who else bought it on cassette? Best lime green thing I own). To celebrate the milestone, the iconic movie will be screened in cinemas all around England. (Dates, times and ticket links included)

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September issue covers

Early August has got to be the most anticipated time in print media, as September issues start to circulate. Harpers Bazaar US are celebrating an anniversary, Alexandra Schulman reveals her last ever cover for Vogue US and Glamour continue to champion diversity and activism.

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The Official Vogue ‘Forces of Fashion’ Conference

“Forces of Fashion will bring together some of our favourite names, and allow them the opportunity to speak in a way they’ve never done before; live and direct with Vogue’s editors on a day that we believe will be as informative as it is intimate. You’ll need to be there to really experience it!”

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Enjoy the articles and have a great weekend! 


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