Struggling to find an internship? This strategy could change your luck

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Struggling to find an internship? This strategy could change your luck

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If you’ve ever asked anyone in fashion for internship advice, odds are, you’ve been fed this line at least once:


“Just check Fashionworkie or keep checking the careers page!”

While there’s nothing wrong with this statement per se, this advice is fundamentally unhelpful (who has time to check jobs boards 400x per day?). Upon hearing this, it’s easy to become frustrated too – after all, everyone’s applying to the same companies and hoping to bag the best fashion internship.

Let’s be real, as amazing as Burberry and British Vogue are, they are inundated with applications on the daily. If it’s your dream, I advise getting to know people at the company, rather than conventionally applying. If it’s not your dream, and you just like the prestige of it all (we’ve all been there), consider keeping an open mind.

To keep your mind open, you need to do one crucial thing – research. What specifically interests you about the fashion industry? Fashion-tech? Indie magazines? Dig deeper, discover your true fashion passion and dream company, and most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy the process.

After doing your research, you may come across a crucial problem – the company you love doesn’t have a job posting. If this is the case, CONGRATULATIONS! You have not only found yourself a company that aligns with your niche interest, but you’ve also found a place where not too many people are applying.

If there aren’t a ton of postings on a company’s site, it could be for several reasons:

1.   They are looking for someone but haven’t posted yet
2.   They only post on sites such as Glassdoor, rather than Fashionworkie or their own website (i.e: Threads Styling)
3.   They only post on Instagram and LinkedIn, rather than their own website
4.   They only share the posting amongst their immediate circle

Whether or not the company has a posting, it’s important to reach out regardless. In your email, letter or phone call, tell the company how your skills could be of use to THEM. After all, nothing says ‘genuine interest’ quite like a curious inquiry.

Not sure what your specific interest in fashion is? After hours of Googling and reading, still, don’t have an idea? Don’t worry — this is a normal dilemma! As cliché as this sounds, however, I believe it’s imperative to go with the area that interests you the most. Once you pick something, then get that niche job, you’ll better understand what you enjoy the least (and the most) about fashion.

For those of you who had greater success with research, finding an internship may take a bit longer. However, it’s important to remember that this is also 100% okay! Whether it’s paid or unpaid, the role that you really research will not only confirm your desire for a certain career path, but it will also provide the relevant skills to get there.

Words by Stephanie Irwin


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