‘The Creative’ – BoF VOICES Conference 2016


‘The Creative’ – BoF VOICES Conference 2016

Go forth and create!
BoF Voices The Creative
Image: The Business of Fashion

“If we as creatives can’t find solutions, we shouldn’t call ourselves creative”.

I had the pleasure of attending the highly coveted BoF annual conference on Friday, with the creative help of the lovely ‘Lottie’ of course – my laptop. Thank God (and Topshop) for the live stream as unfortunately, I haven’t yet earned my spot in the celebrity section of the rural Oxfordshire retreat. Nor have I earned enough real money, this entire year, to warrant the ticket prices – provided that I first made it through the application process. So, as many of us coin conscious fashion lovers did, I got cozy behind my laptop and plugged in.

Completely engrossed in the conversations, opinions and the selection of industry at large, I take my hat off to all who were involved in making the weekend happen. As my schedule would have it, I could only tune in on Friday’s leg of the conference but it was enough.

In a panel discussion hosted by the incredible powerhouse Mimma Viglezio (there couldn’t have been a better woman for the job), 4 of fashion educations big names spoke about just that. The panel consisted of Fabio Piras (MA Fashion Course Director, Central Saint Martins), Frances Corner (Head of College, London College of Fashion), Linda Loppa (Director of Strategy and Vision, Polimoda) and Simon Collins (Board of Governors, Parsons School of Design).

A few grenades of knowledge were thrown out during the discussion and because my love for you, the Pepper Your Talk readers, runs deep – I’ll catch a grenade for you! One line really struck me, maybe because it’s something I passionately believe or perhaps it’s because I’ve met so many of you guys and believe this to be true of your mindset towards your dreams and fashion aspirations.

I believe it was Frances Corner who so rightly said, “If we as creatives can’t find solutions, we shouldn’t call ourselves creative”. I could end this article here and just leave you to ponder on the thought but let’s push the conversation and use Frances’ words as a form encouragement.

We own the term ‘creatives’ because no matter which side of the industry we represent, our agenda is shared – We are here to create. The companies, designs and theories conceived in our minds, birthed into the fashion world and adopted by our audiences will be the legacy we leave behind. Be brave, completely fearless and active in building because your ideas will fill holes in the industry. And once all the little, and large, holes are filled we will be met with completion – a complete foundation for the next generation to then build upon.


Create creative solutions, young creative.


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