Creatively Drained? Five Ways To Bounce Back


Creatively Drained? Five Ways To Bounce Back

A fashion writer's guide to getting inspired.

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Creatively drained, in a funk, got a block; we’ve all been there. As a fashion writer, I’ve learned the importance of immersing myself in media to stay informed but it’s easy to see sameness everywhere, a lot of the media we consume is mainstream and is therefore consumed by everyone else. Although I love being part of this like-minded community, I often ask myself how can I come up with cool new things if I’m reading, listening to and double-tapping what everyone else is?

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling creatively drained, so here are the five resources that have helped reignite my fire:


Go back to education 

If you can afford it, take a short course. I just took one on shoe design, and it was incredible. While online courses are great and all, there’s something really special about being in front of the teacher and engaging face-to-face. At the moment, I’m saving up for a UAL course on the topic of creativity (ironically). and i-D magazine

Put simply, i-D magazine is the best print magazine known to humanity, I declare it essential reading for all. i-D know what’s cool before it’s cool and their articles are as thought-provoking as they are fashion forward. Online, is an incredible resource for fashion business news and it’s TOTALLY FREE. I rely on it to stay informed about industry going-ons before I do interviews.


Shopping Switch

There’s nothing more depressing than watching a runway show then going into Zara the next day. So instead of hitting up the high street, I try to dig through the depths of my favourite vintage stores for an inspiring piece or two. I LIVE for the Blitz Vintage kilo sale, not least because they have REAL vintage sunglasses unlike 99% of vintage shops. A new buy that makes you ccited about getting dressed is a great antidote to feeling creatively drained.


Do some art 

For me it’s life drawing, not only is it great for body positivity – oh haiiii normal bodies in a non-sexual context – it’s also a great way to detach from your phone for three hours and focus on something non-digital. When you’re done, you leave with something you created (which is pretty awesome). Worst case? If it’s terrible just say it’s cubist – no one will know the difference. Sketch Sesh and Adrian Dutton are London’s best studios.


I hope these five tips have you excited to take on the week! How do you stay inspired? Let me know on Instagram @fashionoriginatorspodcast, and I’ll share your ideas to avoid feeling creatively drained in my next episode!


Words by Stephanie Irwin


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