If Fashion Magazines were Humans


If Fashion Magazines were Humans

Bringing your favourite fashion magazines to life.

mags as humans


Fashion junkies everywhere turn to the pages of their favourite fashion magazines for inspiration, ideas, and updates. However, have you ever thought about what kinds of characters these publications would be if they were human beings? We all reach for different magazines for different purposes so I’ve broken down what figure, role or relationship each magazine I read would have in my life if they were people:


Manrepeller – BFF  

You’re just trying to figure out life together in great outfits. An instant hit when you et at uni, your weirdness and her weirdness are on the same weirdness wavelength! You’ve held each others hair up whilst vomiting during parties, pulled said hair out over being rejected from every fashion job opening out there, and borrowed each other’s entire wardrobe. Bestie status because she is reliable, positive, and always brings a smile to your face.


Refinery29 – The older sister

Slightly older and wiser, she gives sound advice and is someone you can turn to for comfort and assurance. Finance issues? She can lend a guiding hand. Relationship turmoil? She’s got you. Mental health got you stuck? She knows how to help a bit! In every area of life—not just fashion— a reliable cheerleader, she is always there to gently inform and support you.


Business of Fashion – Professional Yoda

The obsessed professional in your life who’s in the know before it’s news.

Super-connected and hungry for every fashion titbit. She gives the facts to you straight (no time to beat around the bush), and if you have any questions about the industry, she’s sure to know them. Only reads fashion magazines for the satisfaction of having known every story two months prior. 


Dazed – Crazy underground Friend

Wildly fun, progressive, and woke. Went to art school in South East London or did fashion design at CSM, throws crazy parties to celebrate their latest installation piece. Dazed is practising effective altruism to offset spending an obscene amount of money on a 2018 Fendi Zucca skirt. Freed nipple makes frequent appearances.


Vogue – The matriarch

She’s a well-seasoned mover and shaker with years of experience, awe-inspiring but unapproachable. Admired for her alluring sense of power, self-assurance and style. She’s undergone a decidedly youthful makeover and is moving in the same circles as Dazed. Rumour has it that she overheard a loose-lipped reveller calling her dated over the Christmas party season. People can criticise all they want, but would never dare say it to her face. Her reign is strong.


I’ve created these personas on account of content, worldview, tone of voice and personality in writing. Any similarities to an actual fashion girl or guy are purely coincidental! What do you think, have I brought your favourite fashion magazines to life?


Words by Vienna Kim


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