‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Workshop 1 – Collab with Depop


‘I HAVE A DREAM’ Workshop 1 – Collab with Depop

We have one workshop under our belt! Will you be joining us at the next one?
Image: Dior Bediako Snapchat Story

In all of 5 minutes, I decided that I wanted – no, needed – to create Pepper Your Talk workshops. 

Leading up to this revelation was the Girl Boss UK event in London (and the Pepper Your Talk YouTube series), in which I was was allocated 20 minutes to speak about my baby – Pepper.

A full 24-hours wouldn’t have been enough time to cover all the areas plotted on the PYT road map. When I get talking about Pepper, one road only leads to the next and honestly, as much as I enjoy steering the tanker and leading this mission – I need to be on the ground with the troops doing the work.

So one week later, with the fantastic fifteen, we marched into the Depop Head Office and got to work(shop) on our ‘DREAMS’.

For me, there is no digital contender for physical connections and with that I don’t mean hugs and holding hands – my friends will tell you how much of ‘touchy touchy’ person I am NOT. But more so enjoy sitting with a group of real people, all excited about the possibilities whilst working through the limitations, as openly and honestly as possible, with the common aim of running the race – not only to win but to pass the baton and give others a chance.

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing some of the activities and conversations we got into, in the 2 hours myself and the workshop attendees spent together. Which according to our survey wasn’t enough time…

[Note to self: THEY WANT MORE!]

Next workshop: Thursday 10th November 



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