I Stalked Celebrity Stylist Alexis Knox


I Stalked Celebrity Stylist Alexis Knox

…From Birmingham to London
Image: Anthony Lycett

I’ve been interested in working with Alexis Knox since I was 21. At the point of really excitedly being offered the ‘Stylist Assistant’ internship with her I was on a placement year – pretty perfect!

But not quite, a turn of fate meant that I suddenly had to move back home to Birmingham, hundreds of miles from London and the internship. I had to turn down the opportunity. I was gutted and felt like I’d missed out on a career-changing prospect.

Once the year was over, I moved back to London to complete my final year at the London College of Fashion. Most importantly, I was back on my ‘Alexis Agenda’ and sent endless emails but I never heard back. It felt like I had blown my chance to work with Alexis. But all hope is never lost, never! Earlier this year, Pepper Your Talk announced an event hosting a panel of industry stylists – Mark Burkey (Style Director, Spring Studios) Toni Blaze (Fashion Editor, Wonderland Mag), Albana Janjeva (Personal shopper/Stylist, Harvey Nichols) and Celebrity Stylist ALEXIS KNOX!

I travelled down from Birmingham and so glad I did, the event was great and I was able to complete my ‘Alexis Agenda’. Not only did Alexis detail exactly what she expects to read in an email from prospective interns, but I was able to introduce myself and ‘flesh it out’.  The very next morning I emailed her in her preferred format and reminded her about having met the night before at the Pepper Your Talk event.  She remembered me…

Fast forward months later, here I am, working with Alexis on projects with a celebrity client I could only dream about – none other than global sensation, Mr. Craig David. I couldn’t be more pleased and extremely proud to say I’ve worked on Craig’s ‘Children in Need’ performance, live on the video set for his new single ‘All We Needed’ and most excitingly, behind-the-scenes on his X-Factor guest performance. It’s so surreal to think that I grew up listening to his music, to running on set to fix his hoodie – what a dream!

Major thanks to Shara for sharing her ‘Pepper Your Stalk’ experience. Opportunity met perfecting timing and we couldn’t be happier for her. It helps that Alexis is a total sweetheart and a great friend of Pepper Your Talk.

Read more about Shara’s experience on her blog Sharasfashion.blogspot.co.uk


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