They won’t tell you all this stuff, but we will. And we’re going to tell it how it is, as informatively as ‘legally’ possible



Is Having A Fashion Network The Key To Success?

Allow Edward Enniful's journey be a lesson to you

What You Need To Know About Working For A Fashion Start-Up

Applying for jobs at fashion start-ups? Vienna's 'first job' experience is all the information you'll need to inform your choice

The Dangers of Asking for a Pay Rise

What should a young professional do when the worst happens and you find yourself unexpectedly let go from a job for simply asking for a pay rise? Without a full understanding

The Best Fashion Articles To Read Today

Close your laptops and crack open a bottle (of anything)

How To Fearlessly Tell Your CEO What You Really Want

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire

The BIG Fashion Career Debate: London vs. New York

Make your career goals happen in the city of your dreams!

I don’t Read Vogue, Is That Wrong?

7 other magazines that are just as relevant

The Best Fashion Articles to Read Today

“Will I get a ticket?”, the headline that created a sensation in the fashion industry.  Lucinda Chambers threw brutal truths at Vogue this week, so grab a glass of something

How Working at a Small Company Opens Big Opportunities

Hannah's internship experience helped her select the right company over the biggest name.

How to be as Successful as Natalie Massenet

The modern career woman and tech entrepreneur.

You’ve Really Got To Stop Being So Late!

Your CV says ‘time efficient’ but your life screams ‘always late’

The Dark Side of Fashion Entrepreneurship

I just peeled another layer of the realness onion...

Your Boss Isn’t Rude, She Just May Never…

Our new Friday feature works a bit like a 'Yo Momma' joke, except less offensive and won't get you punched on the nose.

3 ‘Office’ Things You’re NOT Expected to Know

It’s one thing battling your personal expectations but predicting what your manager/team/office require from you can take up some much mental time and energy.

What Should I Do? I’m ONLY the Assistant!

Starting off in fashion, as an assistant, it quickly began apparent that 2 things go hand-in-hand: Doing your job and knowing your place.

My autobiography would be called ‘Suitcases and Stan Smiths’

Lydia Russell, 25, is a first Assistant to David Bradshaw. Beating her own career predictions, she arrived in her dream job a lot quicker than she could have imagined.

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