The Best Job Hunt Tricks for Fashion Careers


The Best Job Hunt Tricks for Fashion Careers

Get ahead but most importantly, get hired!

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It’s commonly said that the job hunt is a full-time job within itself. It requires your energy, time and most importantly, your best promotion skills!

Never waste an opportunity to showcase yourself and display your skills to the people looking to hire. Which means going above and beyond having a great CV and cover letter. Be it big or small, modern career platforms and social media channels have a part to play in hiring decisions, have you given much thought to the image you’re projecting?

On that note, here are some job hunt tricks to help you be the best you on each platform.



LinkedIn is the first thing that comes to mind as it’s a platform made especially for professionals. For some time now, LinkedIn has been focusing on the sharing and production of content such as articles, intelligent thoughts and industry developments.

Brands like Asos build their company culture on the platform by linking relevant articles and creating visuals introducing their employees. Similarly, global media brands such as Refinery29 use a mixture of video content to bring in more views to their company page.

Imagine then, what you could do to promote yourself and your work using the same methods as these brands?

The more you produce content, the more you have a chance of appearing on the main feed of someone who could be interested in hiring you. And, you don’t need to write lengthy posts to do so. You can simply share articles and a little caption explaining your point of view, and here you go, you’ve produced content!


The Dots

As the fastest growing careers platform, The Dots was created for you to scream “HEY, LOOK AT ALL THE COOL STUFF I CAN DO!”

The platform offers the opportunity to share your projects, whether that be video, audio, visual or written content. Similarly to Instagram, you can tag the teams you’ve worked with, which gives you the advantage of showing how connected your circle is.

The Dots is the perfect way to create meaningful connections that can help you refine your portfolio or find the right job for you. The ability for people to see your work will give them a more precise idea of your talents, therefore, hire you based on this rather than just your CV.

Just like Linkedin, The Dots has become a social platform where you don’t only consume content but create it and gives you the opportunity to connect with the right people, something other social media don’t necessarily offer.



Social media has become a fixture and has changed the way we consume news, experience culture and receive information. With everything being digital now, we believe it is essential to use social media to compliment your application whilst revealing things about yourself a CV or a cover letter will fail to show.

TOP TIP: Don’t be afraid to add your social media handles to your CV if it can enhance your chances.

Do you have dreams of becoming a journalist? You may not have much experience, but those witty and humorous tweets are proof that you’re good fun and can write impactful short copy.

You might not know it, but your pictures and the texts accompanying them makes you a great storyteller and will, therefore, make you a great social media assistant.

Is your feed full of retweeted articles summarised in your own words? That’s something to be proud of! This shows that you capture information quickly, break it down for a relevant audience and then relay it to others.



Not that we have to tell you but Instagram is the most used platform at the moment with 800,000 active users per month.

Recruiters have admitted to picking up their phones and doing a quick profile search on Instagram for potential candidates they’re curious about. With it being such a visual platform, it would be a huge miss if you limited your profile to nights out and dinner plates. Showcase art, editorials, style and culture.

Take ASOS for example, they actually kit their staff out with company Instagram accounts based on what they’ve seen from their personal accounts! Cool right (p.s Check out our friend @asos_debbie). What’s even more remarkable @clo has been headhunted to consult for several brands based on the strength of her Instagram feed. She’s a 25-year-old Londer that started with nothing but good taste and an Instagram account!

Go forth and make magic!


In today’s world, your first impression starts online, behind a computer screen or on a phone. Don’t be frightened by this, give an employer more than one reason to pick YOU!


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