A YouTube video that grew into it’s own segment, Pepp. Talk covers Dior’s experiences through fashion, business and anything else that’s thrown her way on this journey. Expect to be entertained, embrace the randomness and latch on to the life lessons.



4 Golden Rules for Practicing Daily Self-Care

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Those words were first spoken 80 years ago but could just as easily be used to describe this

A French Girl’s Guide to Getting a Creative Job in London

A gallic gal shares her top tips for landing a creative role.

Freelance Writing for Beginners: The Insiders’ Guide

We went to an awesome panel event and collected all the juicy details.

10 Ways Introversion Helped My Fashion Career

Image credit: Aimee Song   It is often said that ‘Introversion will harm your fashion career.’   After all, fashion is known for its late night parties, endless networking opportunities

4 Career Hacks University Never Taught You

Going from student to graduate is an amazing feeling - for 5 minutes!

Moving to London for a Fashion Job? 3 Things You Need To Know

The top 3 tips for moving any fashionista moving to London for their dream fashion job

How to Survive an Unpaid Internship

The brokest time of my life was as an intern!

Life After Graduation: I’m a Videographer at Confetti Crowd

Every Wednesday we've been profiling a bunch of brilliant girls in our 'Life After Graduation' series

Life After Graduation: The Role of a Trainee Fashion Buyer

Chloe Smith sits down with PYT to prove hard-work is her secret ingredient.

Life After Graduation: How I landed a job at Sophia Webster

Amber Jenner shares her experiences since leaving University

Being an Introvert Will Harm Your Fashion Career

Is having a personality more important than having skills?

4 Steps To Take Before Quitting An Internship


Surviving on an Entry-Level Salary: What Does Fashion Pay?

The average entry-level salary in the fashion industry is £18,000 p.a.

4 Simple Tips to Spring Clean Your Career

As the season changes, so should your attitude towards your career.

Every Twenty-Something Should Know Negativity is Normal

Just like periods, depression and anxiety, it's better to voice your negativity and get to the bottom of it!

5 Networking Tips That Actually Work

Networking Moods: This is FUN or I feel like a prick!

The Secret Guide to a ‘Fashionable’ Instagram

5 simple steps to create a page that will rival that of any fashion insider!

How To Write Like a Fashion Editor

I tried to write like Pandora Sykes and Leandra Medine

A Letter to Linear: The Creative Girl’s Journey to Success

Who the f*ck is linear and why is everyone speaking about her?

“I Stopped Collecting Emails and Started Connecting on Whatsapp”

  As life gets busier, I feel myself losing the firm grip I once had on connecting and communication. For some time, I tried to force blame on the fact

Are You Hot or Cold on Coffee Networking?

It's important to know what to do if your coffee date actually says YES!

Fashion and Why I Don’t Care About Clothes…

In the 9 months it has taken to build, destroy, remodel, destroy again and then finally launch Pepper Your Talk I’ve had a lot to work on!

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