‘Be Motivated and Stay Motivated’ Workbook

If I asked you “Are you motivated right now”, you’re going to think about it and come back with a score based on your feelings.

Engaging with your feelings helps us in a lot of different ways but they shouldn’t be linked to motivation.

Use this worksheet to:

– Decide on your most important goals

– Activate the mindset needed to start the process

– Make meaningful action towards your goals

– Track your development

+ more!

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1 review for ‘Be Motivated and Stay Motivated’ Workbook

  1. Marie-Jeanne

    In this December month, my business goal was to reach a certain number of sales by Boxing Day. By doing this worksheet, it’s allowed me to break down daily specific strategies while literally “seeing”’it come true.

    Being super specific with the goal and breaking it down, felt less overwhelming and more manageable and ultimately achievable. I feel confident now and I am very thankful for your work Dior. I will update how I go by NEW YEARS. Let’s goooo

    • Dior

      Hi Marie-Jeanne! Thank you so much for letting us in on your big goal! YES and YES to being more confident. Confidence proves the mental space you need to focus on your SMART goal. Can’t wait to hear some good news about your sales in the New Year.

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