Your Boss Isn’t Rude, She Just May Never…

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Your Boss Isn’t Rude, She Just May Never…

Our new Friday feature works a bit like a 'Yo Momma' joke, except less offensive and won't get you punched on the nose.
Image: The Quiet Riot

It’s Friday, and mentally, you clocked out of work mode yesterday!

My guess is that the last thing you want to read is an article about work/life balance because by the end of tonight, after most of your bank balance has been spent in some bar, you won’t remember where you work! (Do you see what I did there). You also don’t want advice on how to be a ‘high performing employee’ because as of 6:00pm today, you don’t have to think about your job for another 72 hours – that’s just about the time the Monday blues kick in.

This is not because you hate your job or envy the fact that your receptionist friend earns more than you! But quite frankly you’re a human and just need some time doing ALL the things you love with the people that love you back.

So in light of that, we’re going to try this new thing on Fridays, where I tell a joke and help you along what feels like the longest work day of your life.

Here is your WINTER WARMERS EDITION of  ‘Your boss isn’t rude, she just may never…

  • …Notice that you’ve chopped and coloured your hair in preparation for your winter wardrobe. Your barista, bus driver and best friends dog noticed but nope, not her! You’re even starting to doubt if your hairdresser did enough for what she charged you.
  • …Compliment your seriously amazing new coat! Even though everyoneeee else in the office clearly loves it and has asked where you got it from – a million times. Is she jealous? She must be…
  • …Scream ‘twinning’ when you both walk in with the exact same ankle boots. Actually, they’re not the same because her pair are the high-end version. Yours are Zara. You spend the whole day hiding your feet under your desk – 6:00pm where you at??
  • …Get excited with you and the rest of the team about the arrival of the Starbucks seasonal menu. Does she know that last year, for the first time ever, they used REAL pumpkins! I  mean who doesn’t love a Spiced Pumpkin Latte? …She doesn’t and may not even like you for that matter!

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