The Secret Guide to a ‘Fashionable’ Instagram


The Secret Guide to a ‘Fashionable’ Instagram

5 simple steps to create a page that will rival that of any fashion insider!
Image: Donna Wallace Instagram

Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has fast-grown to become the world’s most loved social media app. And the fashion world love it even more!

Instagram has changed the way we view, interact and discuss fashion. Long before then, fashion editors were the influential voices we grew to know and trust. They set standards by telling us what is in and more importantly, what is most definitely out! Fast forward to 2017, with the help of our social accounts we are all editors within our own rights.

Catching up with Camille Charriere, lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer, she uses her account of 512k followers to create her own fashion narrative. Camille believes that “Fashion has always been the industry about storytelling. Instagram has allowed people to start telling their own stories.” (Read the full article here)

But as is expected of an industry in charge of setting trends, we have noticed a pattern of activity amongst the ‘fashion insiders’ and just how they use their highly coveted accounts. Having spent hours and hours pouring over hundreds of feeds (who isn’t guilty of this), Pepper Your Talk can officially and exclusively present you a guide to creating a ‘fashionable’ Instagram. Take note…

Subtle advertisement

It’s very common to hear that the fashion industry isn’t as glamorous as we may perceive it to be. Yet a few minutes on Instagram tells us otherwise! The accounts we follow could rival any major lifestyle publication, giving us a guide to the best restaurants to dine in (yet hardest to secure reservations at), best hotels to stay in all around the world (I’ve bookmarked so many I could be a travel guide) and the up and coming brands that are a crime not to know.


The fact that almost every mobile phone provider has incorporated a front facing camera on their models is telling for the rate at which selfies are being taken daily – or even hourly! There are currently 292,587,231 posts on Instagram with the hashtag ‘selfie’. Yet, having some front-camera fun just isn’t something the fashion insiders seem to enjoy! In Anna Wintour’s Vogue 73 Questions interview, she famously said “I’ve never taken a selfie and don’t plan to start now.

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid! (Can’t say I’ll be taking that advice myself).

The popular vote

And it just wouldn’t be fair to tell you what not to do, without counter balancing that with the ideas about what is perfectly acceptable on a ‘fashionable’ instagram.

Here goes:

  • Pets – particularly cats
  • Shoes – selfies are a no but shoe-fies are a big yes, yes, yes!
  • Fashion pals and gals – As the saying goes “Show us your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”
  • Flowers – Bonus if they’re from one of your fashion pals or gals
  • Scenic imagery – Escape to the country for the weekend with a full battery!

…Bonus if you capture the sunset over rolling hills

  • Drinks – There’s always something to toast to when your life is fashionable and fantastic
  • Godchildren – Even better if they’ve got chocolate around their mouths because you shouldn’t, but can’t help spoiling them so damn rotten.
  • Michelle Obama – No explanation necessary!
“The white border”

Donna Wallace (Accessories Editor at Elle UK), Donna Ida (Jean Queen and Designer) and Donna Rooney (Celebrity and Influencer Management) have more than first names in common. Each of these fashion insiders and so many more, have tapped into one of the biggest Instagram trends on the scene, ‘The white border’. Varying in size and width, the border is said to add a clean, chic and minimal feel to a feed. Download ‘Whitagram’ and transform your account into an artistic gallery.

A consistant filter

The days of ‘No Filter’ being a relevant declaration are far behind us because, quite frankly, life is better after it’s been through VSCO (Highly recommended photo editing app). The ‘fashionable’ trick to getting it right is to use a consistent filter on all your images. This will bring a uniformed presence to your account, conveying a certain mood and your followers (stalkers) will always know what to expect from you.

Ultimately, we are the bosses of our feed, which is supposed to be a highlight of what our real lives entail! Try not to jeopardise what feels good and right to you, just to fit into the box – no pun intended. Being fashionable is cool, but being you will always be better!


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