The Quarter Life Crisis: Why Do 25-year olds Panic?


The Quarter Life Crisis: Why Do 25-year olds Panic?

Career, marriage, finances!!!

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25, two numbers but one big fat quarter life crisis


For twenty-four years of our lives, there was a huge emphasis placed on looking, feeling or behaving older than we actually are. From dodgy make-up techniques when we were 14 or fake id’s to get into clubs! All we ever wanted was to be older.

And now that your 25th birthday has arrived, you’re running for cover in the opposite direction. But why is this? Because you’re halfway to fifty? Has it already been three whole years since you graduated? Has the odd wrinkle and grey hair has tragically appeared in the most obvious place? Yet, with 25 being declared the new ‘21’, this birthday doesn’t have to lead to the inevitable attack. Here are the sensible steps you can take to ease the transition.


Career Crisis

There’s no point denying it, 25 can be a pivotal turning point in your career.  Studies have shown that women aged between 25- 34 face more career-related stress and anxiety, in comparison to our male counterparts. These feelings could be brought on by a desire to progress, your financial instability whilst on an entry-level salary or even the crippling feeling of ‘imposter-syndrome’ that you haven’t been able to shake off.


Our advice: Use your birthday as a time for reflection and planning!


Rather than blindly panic, attempt to look critically at your career so far: Are you happy with your job role, title and responsibilities? Is it fulfilling? Is there career progression?


If the answer to these questions is NO, it may be time to consider a change of direction.  And, although it shouldn’t all be about the dollar, it’s time we start being realistic what you want for your future and how your earning potential factors into that.


Life + Love Life

By the time your quarter life crisis hits, you’ve probably gone from clinching shot glasses to daydreaming about wedding bells.  In spite of this, studies have shown that the average age of couples tying the knot (let’s worry about finding the second husband later), in the UK, is 30.8 years old.

To make matters worse, parents can often be the biggest cause of relationship related pressure. Ignore them! Our generation has vastly different expectations of marriage than they did and you shouldn’t be pressured to live to anyone else’s standards. Focusing on yourself and remaining optimistic about the future of your love life is the best way to ensure your happiness!


For real life inspiration: Check out Amal Clooney. This kick-ass human rights lawyer waited until 36 to settle down and she bagged George Clooney!


But these panics are not always romance based. This period can see, some much needed, changes within your friendship groups. As having to take the night shift become less frequent, you will learn to prioritise the friendships. Focus on people who support you and bring positivity (and of a few of the party girls! We are not 35 yet…)


my year

Money Matters

Now for the seemingly scary part! Time to tackle those future finances. And since you have graduated your entry level salary, it’s high time you start saving. Whether this is for a future housing deposit or just a rainy day fund, you need to invest in your future self.


Money only becomes an issue when it’s either ignored or mismanaged! Which may or may not be how you’ve handled yours so far. Yet, the next 5 years, from 25 to 30, are when we hope for some of our biggest life goals to come true and that’ll take some planning. So let’s get in control of our pounds and pennies.


You’re young, employed and earning! You deserve to treat yourself from time-to-time, just not at the detriment of your future, or even immediate, responsibilities. Budgeting is the next black and having money at the end of the month is sexy! Ha…


We hope we have eased some of the quarter life crisis burden and no matter the age birthdays are still fun! Put on your flirtiest pair of heels and find your way to a dance floor!


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